Welcome to The Weekend Artist.

This is my address on the World Wide Web. The Weekend Artist is my endeavour to create a community of people who love art and in their pursuit to follow the passion, take art very “seriously” — indeed! A journalist and a publisher for almost over a decade, I rediscovered watercolour painting, my lost childhood soulmate, quite by accident. It was a moment when an aimlessly painting unknown artist on the banks of Seine in Paris told me — “I paint… because I love painting. And when you love painting, you don’t talk about it. You paint!” Enlightened, I began my artistic journey with a round brush and a palette. Today, the palette and the round brush are my companions wherever I travel in the world. And while I firmly believe that in a never ending artistic journey, I am far from being an artist, the ride so far gives me the courage to call myself, “The Weekend Artist”.